What can I do if nothing seems to be detected?
Tap to focus – detections may need a sharper focus for the particular font/background/lighting conditions.

You could also try hiding irrelevant information (use piece of paper, business card, your finger can work sometimes, …). If the background has complicated imagery, the App can have trouble finding the numbers in the background.

The text may be too small—see “What can I do for small text?”

What can I do for small text?
Double tapping the viewfinder will cycle through zoom factors (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 1.0, ….). Sometimes enabling zoom will allow you to detect data that does not get detected at normal zoom.

The App detected a lot of answers I did not expect?
The App has advanced OCR algorithms to try to get the right answer quickly. Sometimes it makes the wrong starting assumption and gets bad data or it detects data while the phone is moving. Once you are over the data you want to be detected, simply swipe across the viewfinder to clear and it will read again—most times correctly.

The App detected the Phone Number but is not auto calling?
The App is constantly reading and looking for phone numbers. It will only auto call a number if it has the same multiple readings within a short time. If it does not auto call, it means the App is getting readings that are not identical from scan to scan. You can double tap the correct answer to call.

The App is still not detecting?
The App will detect many common fonts but some fonts are difficult to detect. Fonts that have outlines may not be detected and fonts where the characters are close together, touching each other or overlapping, will not be detected. We are working on these but they are simply harder to solve. When we do solve this, you will get the solutions in the updated versions of the app.